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Browse our designs and find a website template that best suits your brand's personality and needs. Purchase a Showit subscription.


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Follow along with our Showit template booklet and tutorials to create a personalized website that allows for full customization.


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Review our launch checklist to finalize your site and launch plan. Celebrate your beautiful website and get ready to share it with the world.



Callan is a simple and welcoming website and blog that is created for photographers and creative small businesses. With individual galleries, you can show off your work and connect with your ideal client.



Signature Collection


Our templates are completely customizable so you can launch a site in days that perfectly captures the uniquiness of your brand.


Develop a site for your business that looks professional, pretty, and purposeful without the price tag of a custom design website.


Our resources provided with every template, along with Showit's resources make you confident in building and maintaining your site.


No need to be a tech wizard because Showit requires no coding experience and has a simple and easy-to-use interface.


Every template is designed to catch visitors' attention with its beauty but also strategically designed to help you book clients.


Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resources are included on the platform so you can improve your SEO with ease.



Yeah, it's this easy to uplevel your web presence.

What is the cost to subscribe to Showit?

What is the cost to subscribe to Showit?

To subscribe to Showit you will pay a monthly fee. There are three different options for the subscription and they range from $19 to $34 a month. All of our templates include a blog, so you must purchase the second or third subscription option if you wish to have a working blog section.

Can these templates only be used on Showit?

Can these templates only be used on Showit?

Yes. These templates are only able to be used on Showit and are not available for use on any other platform. We only use Showit to make all of our designs because it is a fully customizable website builder that allows for our customers to easily input their own photos and text into the templates. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans. All of our templates will be paid in full upfront. You will be able to pay by credit card or PayPal. Immediately after you purchase one of our templates, you will be able to have access to our template and start designing your site.

Can I keep my current blog?

Can I keep my current blog?

Yes. You are able to keep your own blog. Showit even offers an included service in your subscription that they will transfer your blog from your current Wordpress account into our designed templates at no extra cost to you. You will need to have a Showit subscription that includes a blog.

What support is offered for the templates?

What support is offered for the templates?

We will provide you with our video tutorials and additional resources provided by Showit to make sure you are easily able to customize your site and make it live for the entire world to see. We will answer questions that you have if you reach out to us and Showit also offers great customer support. 

Will you help me customize my template?

Will you help me customize my template?

We do not offer template customization. If you are not looking to input content for your website yourself, we recommend looking at one of our custom design services packages on our services page. For all of our custom design website packages we will input all the content for the site. 

Love what you're seeing but Do-It-Yourself isn't your thing?

We've got you covered. We offer a branding package called Sapphire Sand that is built with creatives in mind who have brand identities they love but are looking for their websites to stand out as much as their brands do. We also have a brand and web design package, To The Nines, that provides a full brand design experience.

Website templates for businesses who want to get a budget-friendly site launched within days not weeks. 

Predesigned brands that are customized to businesses and provide a one-of-a-kind look on smaller budgets.